Crab & Lobster Penang

Crab & Lobster is my absolute favourite go-to spot whenever I am in the mood for fresh seafood. Crab & Lobster incorporates the plateless concept, where the glorious seafood is poured right on the table and diners will enjoy the seafood with their hands. Messy, but worth it.

The restaurant itself is very spacious making it a perfect spot for large groups, family gatherings, birthdays & celebrations, yet laid back enough for an intimate Wednesday night dinner.

Drink Vide
Drinks Display

Also, be sure to check out their Oyster Bar, where you will be able to pick & choose from a variety of imported oysters that the restaurant has to offer.

oyster 2
Shucked To Order Oysters

If you are contemplating on what to order, the following are some of my suggestions. If you are okay to splurge just a tad, go with the Live Lobster Feast Combo as opposed to the Crab Feast as the crab can be quite small and not worth the money. If you are looking for something simpler and does not break the bank, you may opt for the Shrimp Bag instead. As for the flavours, I personally enjoy the Garlic Butter, Dry Curry & Chilli Crab Sauce. The recommended portion for each combo is 2 pax per combo.

Garlic butter
Garlic Butter Lobster Feast
Curry Lobster Feast
sweet chilli
Sweet Chili Lobster Feast

Each combo is served with a basket of mantao(Chinese buns) & fries to soak up all the saucy goodness.

food gifff

As a frequent patron of Crab & Lobster, I would highly recommend this place to anyone who is craving for some seafood and doesn’t mind the after-mess while at it. Seafood combos are priced towards the high side, however justifiable by the quality and freshness of the crustaceans.


For more information on the restaurant and current promos, do checkout their FB Page here.


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