10 Street Foods You MUST Try at Tsukiji Fish Market Tokyo

My recent trip to Tokyo, Japan would not have been complete without a visit to the iconic Tsukiji Market. Tsukiji Market is divided into two main sections which are the inner market and outer market. The former caters more towards wholesale transactions and tuna auctions while the latter features delectable local street foods and fresh seafood!
I had such an incredible time sampling delicious Japanese street foods, that I went back to the market three times during my two weeks in Tokyo.

#1. Beef Offal Stew with Rice

Beef Bowl

One of my favourite dishes while visiting Tsukiji Market is the Harumon-Don served at Kitsuneya. It is a hearty combination of rice, leek and assorted beef parts, flavoured with a rich, miso-based stew. If you are not a fan of the offal, you may opt for the beef bowl donburi instead. Chances are, there will be a long queue in front of the stall already, so be prepared to wait in line!

#2. Grilled Scallops with Sea Urchin


If you are a fan of scallops, I highly recommend trying these perfectly grilled scallops and topped with sea urchin. To give it a little more depth of flavour, the vendor finished the dish by torching the scallops and sea urchin!

#3. Fresh Oysters


At Tsukiji Market, you’ll find quite a number of stalls with freshly shucked oysters, priced based on the size of it. I opted for a medium-sized oyster, and I must say,I’ve had countless of oysters in my lifetime, but this was by far the freshest oyster my mouth has ever tasted.

#4. Grilled Wagyu Beef


Another MUST TRY item at Tsukiji Market has got to be the grilled Wagyu Beef.The beef has a buttery flavour that’s rich and juicy while having a silky tender texture.

#5. Grilled Eel Skewer


While you’re at Tsukiji, be sure to try their perfectly glazed & juicy Unagi Skewers!

#6. Sea Urchin

Sea Urchin

Sea Urchin or Uni in Japanese, is another popular delicacy you will find at Tsukiji Market. Uni has a fresh ocean taste with a creamy and custard-like texture. It is like a seafood version of a foie gras which can be an acquired taste for some.

#7. Grilled Abalone

Also, I managed to get my hands on some fresh abalones during my food hunt at Tsukiji Market. Now that I’ve had a taste of fresh abalone, don’t think I can ever go back to having frozen or canned ones!

#8.  White Strawberries


White strawberries are also a popular snack at Tsukiji Market. These strawberries are actually more fragrant and sweeter than your average red strawberries!

#9.  Japanese Peach Sorbet

Peach Ice Cream
It was a particularly hot day during my time of visit, hence decided to get this all-natural peach sorbet to ease the heat. The sorbet was very light & refreshing with natural sweetener from the peaches.

#10.  Strawberry Daifuku

Strawberry Mochi
Strawberry Daifuku is essentially mochi stuffed with fillings like custard or red bean paste. It has a soft and fluffy texture, kind of like a Japanese version of a marshmallow. It is topped with a juicy strawberry, which helps to balance the sweetness of the mochi.

Before making a trip to Tsukiji Market, be sure to come here on an empty tummy & don’t forget to check on their opening days to avoid disappointment!


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