Tim Ho Wan, Hong Kong

One of the must haves when in Hong Kong is the local dim sum. After doing some research online, I found a local dim sum eatery known as Tim Ho Wan that has received rave reviews from many sites. Not only has this restaurant been awarded a one Michelin star, it is also ranked to be one of the cheapest Michelin-starred restaurant in the world.

Restaurant Exterior

A little back story of the place- Tim Ho Wan was started by Chef Mak Kwai Pui, formerly of the prestigious three Michelin starred Lung King Heen restaurant in Hong Kong’s Four Seasons Hotel, alongside Chef Leung Fai Keung. In 2009, the two chefs joined forces to open their first 20-seater top dim sum restaurant in Mongkok. A year later, they would earn their own one Michelin star. More branches opened, each earning its own Michelin star. The accolades for serving superb food at affordable prices soon followed.

The Queue
Restaurant Interior

During my time in Hong Kong, I visited the branch at Sham Sui Po. Despite arriving prior to opening time, there was already a long queue outside. After waiting for a good 45 minutes, I was then directed to a table inside and an order sheet was presented. Restaurant was very busy and jam-packed with both locals and tourists. The restaurant had an unpretentious vibe to it and very simple layout with minimal decor, which was not like your typical fancy Michelin-starred restaurant.

48426137_214790246067572_6843683150955020288_n (1)
Chinese Order Sheet
48425736_299004510742924_428294301965877248_n (1)
English Order Sheet

Upon ordering, food came by rather swiftly, about 10 to 15 minutes later. Ordered basically most of their bestsellers like the prawn dumplings, steamed prawn rice rolls, glutinous rice wrapped with lotus leaf, dark brown sugar steamed cake and their famous custard buns.  A pot of Chinese tea was also served to further complement the entire meal.

Array of Dim Sum
Custard Buns

During that particular seating, I ordered 11 assortments of dim sum and the entire meal amounted to HKD235 / RM124 / USD30 which I find to be an amazing value for money. The dim sums were fresh, delicious and truly showcased the local produce. My favourite has got to be the har gow or steamed prawn dumplings. The dumplings were plumped with smooth, thin and translucent filled with juicy prawn filling. My overall experience here was exceedingly satisfying and it was a pleasure to my palate.

Tim Ho Wan, Sham Sui Po
Address: 9-11 Fuk Wing St, Sham Shui Po, Hong Kong
Opening Hours: Monday to Sunday from 10am to 9.30pm

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