What You Need To Know Before Dating A BJJ Girl

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My life revolves around BJJ. My daily schedule runs around BJJ classes and even my holidays are planned based on BJJ tournament locations. Due to the Covid-19 lockdown, it has been exactly 29 days since my last BJJ session with my teammates, so it goes without saying that I am missing the mats- my better half, truly & terribly.

Since I am currently homebound for the most part, except for my weekly grocery runs, what better way to revive my blog for the 1298238121294th time, other than about BJJ- not much to anyone’s surprise!

Brazilian Jiu Jitsu is just like chocolates. It is very addictive once you have tried it, but it is difficult to describe and explain the taste of chocolate to someone who has never had chocolates before. During my time on the mats, I have noticed a growing number of women training these days and sometimes their non-BJJ men don’t quite know what to think of it, but fret not, I am here to navigate you through the unchartered territory.

The dating scene can sometimes be daunting, but even more so when you are a BJJ girl. On the surface, there is a certain desirability about dating a lady who can choke you out from any position imaginable, but let’s not get ahead of ourselves, shall we? Before you start approaching that BJJ girl you have your eyes on, it is best to be mentally and maybe physically prepared for what is involved in dating her.

WhatsApp Image 2020-02-04 at 21.37.36Lucky for you, from one BJJ girl to you, here are some tips in your pursuit to dating one of us. This serves as a heads up of what you need to know before wooing a jiujitera.

A BJJ girl can look like a million bucks when she wants to or when she has to, but let me tell you, don’t get used to it cause on most nights, she’ll come home all bruised up, pretty much looking like a train wreck. That long luscious hair of hers will be tangled, her fingers are swollen and calloused and you know her usual Chanel No.5 scent that you love, well, that’s going to be replaced with the funk of her teammates sweat.

If you ever think that date night will triumph mat night, think again.  As a BJJ girl living a BJJ-centric lifestyle, if you think for moment that I will give up precious mat time for a dinner date, well, don’t be too sure. Date nights will require at least a 3 days notice, just so that we can make some BJJ schedule arrangements. A stereotypical ideal date would be taking long walks by the beach watching the sunset. Don’t get me wrong, that is nice, but we’d much rather a BJJ date, where I feel most at home, where you will be able to see the purest & most real form of ourselves.

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If you have trouble getting your jealousy in check, dating a BJJ girl isn’t exactly ideal. She will see her teammates at training most days of the week and she will most likely have multiple male training partners. BJJ is a close contact sports and most times, and you need to understand that a lot can happen in a roll. A BJJ girl loves and values her teammates who have comforted her in defeat, celebrated her victories and pushed her a little further when she is on the brink of giving up. The bond thats has developed transcends friendship so please don’t make her choose.

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It needs to be understood that BJJ isn’t just a hobby or merely a sport, it is something that is part of her, it is ingrained into her very soul. If what she does is too much for you to comprehend, it is best to leave her alone. However, if you can embrace her passion, support her and be her greatest supporter through out her BJJ journey, you might just have a chance at something truly special.





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