Happy 2021 everyone!

The year has only begun, and surprise, surprise, Penang is currently under Movement Control Order (MCO) until 26th January 2021. Despite a slightly rough start to the year, I am still feeling very hopeful.

Enough of that.

Anyway, one of the coolest things about BJJ is the people you meet along the way. My post today will feature two of my training partners, Nireji & Victor.

In addition to being such badasses on the mats, they are also badasses on the tracks! I was fortunate enough to witness it myself during one of their drifting sessions. Not only did I get to watch them drift, I also got to sit shotgun next to them while they were doing their thing!

All in all, it was an adrenaline filled afternoon with the two of them! It was definitely quite nerve wrecking at first, but after a while, your body just adapts to the motion. Despite the sunburnt, I would definitely love to do this again!

See you in my next post.

Stay safe guys.

Ardeena ❤

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