the sleep styler Review

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So one night, while I was watching ‘Shark Tank’, there was a pitch made which instantly got my attention. If you have never seen an episode of ‘Shark Tank’, it’s a reality show where hopeful entrepreneurs come to the Shark Tank seeking an investment to start, grow or save their businesses. If the Sharks hear a great idea, they’re ready to invest using their own money. And they’ll fight each other for a piece of the action. But first, the entrepreneur must convince a shark to invest the full amount they are asking for.

Anyway, the product that caught my eye is this hair product called ‘The Sleep Styler’ which is basically a tool that curls your hair in your sleep and you’ll wake up with luscious curls in the morning without using any heat! I typically spend a good amount of time in the morning on my hair, so I knew I had to try out this product.

I went on the internet and placed my order almost immediately and waited patiently for my Sleep Stylers to arrive.

I’ve tried the Sleep Styler about three times now, and here are some of my likes and dislikes.

So, does The Sleep Styler really work?

After several tries, The Sleep Styler definitely does what it says which is curling your hair while you sleep, cutting back the damage that heat styling tools can cause. The curls produced were bouncy & shiny, similar to the ones you get when you tong your hair.

Unfortunately, there are a couple of downsides to it. I had an awful time trying to sleep with the Sleep Stylers in, and I woke up with puffy eyes and bloated face the next morning. Also, there were many kinks and creases on my hair which created a really messy looking hair do. I still had to put in sometime to smooth my hair out and to style my hair.

Would I use & recommend The Sleep Styler?

If you are completely against using heat to your hair but still want curly locks, then The Sleep Styler is perfect for you. I would probably only use it again if I’m going for an overnight trip somewhere and do not have access to my curling tong. Don’t forget to watch my video for a more in depth review of The Sleep Styler!

See you in my next one!


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