what to expect with The Ogawa Master Drive Plus 5 Massage Chair

Hi everybody,

Welcome back to my blog! So, it has recently been announced that we will be under lockdown for two weeks as Covid-19 cases have increased rapidly.

Honestly, this is just horrible news because I just miss the outdoors but on the bright side, hopefully this will help in curbing the pandemic!

Anyway, if you know me well, you’d know that I am a sucker for a good massage. I am a frequent patron of massage parlours especially Thai Odyssey and I usually indulge in a session once a week. With the current Covid situation however, my trips to the massage parlour have been almost non-existent-sadly, which led to my post of the day, which is on a recent purchase of the Ogawa Master Drive Plus 5 Elements Massage Chair.


A little background story of the massage chair, this particular one is powered by the high-performance M.5 Gen™. The massage is really stylish with black leather finish and gold lining with an integrated Gen 5 Thermo Rollers. The chair has 8 sets of precision sensors, automatic acupoint detection, soreness detection and exclusive 3d knee, calves & sole scraping technology.

This massage chair has over 23 pre-programmed massage sessions with an option to personalised your favourite massage combo to meet your individual body needs.

After using it for about a month now, here are my thoughts on the chair.

What I Love About The Ogawa Master Drive Plus 5 Elements Massage Chair?

1. I love that the massage chair has a vast pre-programmed massage sessions for every need, from a massage that is light to something more intense. I also like how you can personalise your own program according to your preference.

2. The massage chair comes with a 7-inch touch screen display which makes it super user-friendly and easy to use! The display also has a description and intensity of each massage program so that you’ll get an insight of the massages.

3. The massaged chair is equipped with mood-setting light therapy which really sets the mood and it has Bluetooth connectivity feature which allows you to connect the audio from your phone to your chair. How cool is that?!

My Least Favorite Thing About The Ogawa Master Drive Plus 5 Elements Massage Chair?

1. I have to point out that each massage session is 15 minutes which I personally thing is too short. I wish that there would be an option to extend the massage timing for each session.

2. Another thing that I think could have been done better is to have a display screen that is Bluetooth enabled so that I can also play my own video on the display. How cool would that be?

All in all, the Ogawa Master Drive Plus 5 Elements Massage Chair has been an amazing addition to the family which I highly recommend if you are considering to get one for yourself. The massage chair is so sleek and will blend beautifully in your home. If you’re looking for an ultimate head to toe relaxation especially in times of a pandemic where physical human contact isn’t advised, this massage chair is the one for you!

Till my next post.


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