RM1 coffee machine?

Why hello there, you beautiful people ❥

Hope you’re all doing well & staying safe! I know with the lockdown, #nothankyoucovid, many people have been challenged, be it financially, mental health wise and many other aspects. During this trying times, income streams can be uncertained, mine included, which has led to to my current entry. I’ve been going through my expenses and noticed that I’ve been spending a huge amount of money on my morning coffee. In an attempt to reduce my spendings, I’ve decided to try and cut down my spendings on coffee which was averaging at RM500/month.

While doing some research on coffee machines online, I stumbled upon a subscription plan by Arristo M1 Smart Capsule Machine Plan where you can enjoy the Arristo Smart Capsule Machine at a monthly rental for as low as RM1 without any hidden cost and contract binding.I was so intrigued by the plan that I had to know more about it!

After leaving my contact details on the website, I was contacted by a sales rep the very next day where she shared with me the different plans they have to offer.

I opted for the VIP plan with details as below.


In short, I am paying about RM46/month for 40 capsules(approximately 40 cups of coffee), coffee machine and delivery. I am currently on my first month into the subscription plan and enjoying it so far. I enjoy the convenience of having the capsules delivered and also based on my calculation, I will be able to save at least RM400/month which is a huge plus.

I will give you guys an update in a month or two later on the subscription plan, but so far it definitely looks promising. If you would like to know more about my thoughts on the plan, check out my first impression video here.

That’s all from me today & I’ll see you in my next entry.


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