Snack with me | Shikisen Japanese MArt

Konichiwa, my beautiful people.

Hope you’re all doing okay during this lockdown

I know time has been tough, and we’re all affected by the pandemic in one way or another, and I’ve decided to stay positive and embrace change just as the Greek philosopher, Heraclitus, once said: “change is the only constant in life.” I’ve been WFH alot and I’ve decided to leverage my time and try out new ventures that I hope will see success someday soon. Recently, I’ve also started a new side hustle where I provide spokesperson service which you can check out here.

I’ve also started a YouTube channel and I would really appreciate it if you could subscribe to my channel & like my videos! It would honestly mean the world to me 🙂

Anyway, with more time to spare #NoThanksToCovid, I’ve decided to support local marts around my area and one of the places I’ve been meaning to explore is this fairly new Japanese mart called Shikisen, located at Precint 10, Penang.

The mart is spacious and everything is displayed in an orderly manner. You’ll be able to find an array of Japanese products, from fresh fruits and vegetables, wagyu meat, sushi and assorted snacks. I purchased about 11 items in total and I’m impressed by the huge range of items that they have.

If you want to know the yummy food I got, don’t forget to catch it here.

I enjoyed basically everything I got and I recommend this place to anyone looking for Japanese products for a change. If you would like to know more about Shikisen, you can find them here.

Until next time. Stay safe and don’t forget to sanitise!


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