how to get your first order on fiverr

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The pandemic has taught me that life can change in an instant and it is vital to always be prepared. I’ve learnt that having multiple sources of income is crucial especially during a time where things are so uncertain. If you’ve been following my page for awhile, you’d now that in addition to my full time job, I am also active on a platform called Fiverr, where I mainly offer my spokesperson service in both English & Malay.

I’ve always been one to be complacent with how things were going until the pandemic hit, and I realised that change is inevitable and if you fail to adapt to it quickly, you will risk being left behind. A couple of month ago, I shared on how I got started on Fiverr and how I made my first USD2000 doing it part time and at my convenience. One of the reasons that has led me to sharing this platform as I’ve found it to be a great way to make additional money with zero or minimal startup cost.

So now that you’ve signed up for free on Fiverr, what’s next? How do you get your first order? Here are some tried & tested tips that can help get you started!


It is important to have bold and eye catching featured image to represent your service. Think of how you can stand out among the thousands of other sellers offering the exact same thing. One of the things that I did when I first started was to search for best selling gigs in my segment and used it as a guideline when I was creating mine. I took notes of the keywords and main points that they’ve included in their display image and personalised it into my image. The key here is to use it purely as a baseline and not plagiarising it completely.

Another thing that has worked for me was by including an actual picture of myself in my profile and featured image. This has definitely helped me in getting enquiries & orders as it helps to reinforce the image that you are trying to paint of yourself to your prospective buyers. It sets you apart from your other competitors and also helps to develop an impression to future buyers, so be sure to use a pleasant, professional , smiley picture of yourself that can help emanate confidence and trustworthiness.


The next tip that has worked for me when I first started was to offer more add ons. In the voice over segment, a buyer is typically charged USD5 for an average of 100 words. As I was a new seller and had no reviews at the point in time, I offered USD5 for about 200 words. So if you’ve created a gig but still no order, it could be because your price point is similar to the top rated seller and a buyer would much rather opt for the latter.

I’ve also recently started a new gig which is offering a spokesperson service. As a new seller in this category, I’ve done my research and found that a spokesperson service is around USD60. I then knew that I had to lower my price point in order to get my first few orders. I priced my service at $30 and got my first order and more to come! Once you have established a good amount of reviews, you can gradually increase your price.


The next tip that can help you get your first order is to create multiple gigs of your service. For my spokesperson service, i created five similar gigs in my category like a gig for a voice over service in English, a voice over service for Malay, voice over service for an audio book and voice over service for an e-learning module. All these gigs are similar but I’ve always believed that the more gigs you create, the higher your chances of exposure will be. Gigs are basically free and only takes a couple of minutes to create.


After you have decided on the service you would want to offer and you’ve created your gig, the next thing you should do is to share your services on Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn & any other online platforms you’re part of. In the beginning I was a little shy to share my gigs but you have honestly nothing to lose and everything to gain. So glad I did cause my first few orders were from my friends on social media!


If you’ve tried everything and still haven’t gotten your first order yet, there is one tip that you can try. It isn’t exactly the right way to get things done but it will definitely help to get your first few orders in. The one thing you can try is to get your family or closed friends to make an order from you and to live a positive review. Positive reviews will usually help to attract more potential buyers to place an order with you. Although this isn’t the best way to get your first order, it will definitely help to instil confidence in your potential buyers.

Hope you’ve found my Fiverr tips & tricks to be useful! Hopefully it’ll help you as much as it did for me when I first started. Time has been tough for many and if you’re looking to make extra income, you can give it a go here. With Fiverr, the possibilities are endless and if you’re just starting out, just be patient, share your gigs and create strong portfolio.

You’ve got this!


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